A journey through history, everyday life, and infrastructures

The “Decoding Wireless” project retraces the history of wireless technologies (summed up with the term wireless), highlights their importance in everyday life, and shows their material dimension. It is an immersive experience, structured by urban walks, silent events, a series of installations, a magazine and a number of other activities , which will be freely accessible in Lugano and Locarno between late June and mid-August 2019. 

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25 February –
26 April 2020

The installation of the project #DecodingWireless come back! From February 25 to April 26, the interactive timeline with some of the key events in the history of “wireless” will be available at the main USI campus in Lugano. Located in front of the entrance to the lecture hall and between the building of Informatics and the main building, the timeline can be visited 24 hours a day by all interested parties and, in particular, by the students. The project, in collaboration between USI and SUPSI, in 2019 was intended for the general public during the LongLake Festival and the Digital Day in Lugano and the Locarno Film Festival. Now, it reopens in 2020 by addressing students. In fact, you do not learn just in the classroom, but this installation aims to stimulate minds, play with the past, and wonder about the present of wireless even outside. The timeline will be also involved in the open day taking place at USI campus on 25 April 2020. Follow us on social media and check our to get updates.

29 April –
28 May 2020

The installation of the project #DecodingWireless is moving and, for the first time, it will be available in Mendrisio! From April 29 to May 28, in the square in front of LaFilanda, the timeline with some of the key events in the history of “wireless” will be visible for the first time in Mendrisio. After Lugano and Locarno, then, the project continues its dissemination path also in Mendrisio, where SUPSI will inaugurate the new campus of the Department for Environment Constructions and Design in September 2020. LaFilanda’s vision goes hand-to-hand with #DecodingWireless: in fact, LaFilanda promotes meetings, exchanges, creation of bonds among people, offering a multiplicity of services and activities to spend free time. The timeline will also be a way to draw attention to the “World Telecommunication and Information Society Day” scheduled for May 17. Follow us on social channels and check our website to get updates.

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