No Wi-Fi Zone / Information panel / Sitting

An installation, consisting of an information panel and three benches, which invites people to spend a few minutes without wireless. An experience aims to make people reflect on the presence and absence of wireless in our daily lives.

Information panel

A panel designed to draw attention of passers-by and invite them to spend a few minutes without WiFi and mobile connections.
The information panel contains the following contents:
    • – a brief presentation of the project;
      • – an explanation of the meaning of the proposed activity;
        • – an introduction to the suggested experience;
          • – an illustration of how to use it
            • – a list of partners.
          • The contents are presented through texts and icons. These icons recall the language of road signs to announce the activities allowed in this area and those prohibited. The language adopted has direct, informal and ironic tone.
The main material used for this installation is a yellow wooden panel usually used in construction and in particular in construction sites (called panels for formwork or reinforcement). We applied adhesive vinyl text and icons to the panel. For the texts we used a type of adhesive panel, bi-color, which allowed us, through a laser engraving to obtain a good performance even in small texts thanks to the high contrast: TroLase L402-206 Black/White 1,6 mm. As far as dates and titles are concerned, we used a monochromatic adhesive panel: TroLase ADA Signage LS401-106 Black 1,6 mm. This material has been selected as it is compatible with the laser machine we use. At a structural level, a container has been added for the distribution of the magazine, with a protection in plexiglass.
An information panel has been produced consisting of two tables placed on a trestle, the size of:
    – base 50 cm
    – height 200 cm
    – depth 100 cm


Three benches that invite passers-by to sit down for a few minutes and spend time on offline activities.
Together with the information panel, the seats were arranged to limit, an area dedicated to activities that do not involve wi-fi. They have been placed on a green area not far from the other installation. The position of the seats has been reviewed several times, but without changing the initial concept.
Two yellow wooden panels and a red corrugated tube for the backrest were used to create each seat.
A total of three seats have been created, specifically drilled to allow the corrugated pipes that make up the backrest to pass through. The seats were hooked to the ground with camping pegs.